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'step Up Revolution' Fitness Dvd Review: Ew Feels The 'hip-hop Cardio Burn'

workout program Filming the routine behind the instructors and dancers, it simulates being in the back of an actual dance class. I my company only wish you could get the entire routine experience, including the half-speed instruction, from that angle. On the upside, it is useful after youve learned the routines to be able to go straight to the action. After grabbing a glass of water, I moved on from the Cardio Challenge to the Hip-Hop Flash Mob, weight loss which was definitely the most fun of the four routines. It was also where I learned an important lesson: Dont attempt to Step Up without ample space and/or before dispatching of any area rugs that might slip underfoot. Somewhere between flirting with a faceplant and hearing a distinctive POP! sound coming from my ankle colliding with my couch, I decided it was time to slow down.
Full story: http://popstyle.ew.com/2013/12/03/step-up-revolution-fitness-dvd/

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