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Canceling Your Gym Membership

A Missouri man broke a world record last October when he knitted a 12-foot 1- inch scarf while running the Kansas City Marathon. Which is almost as impressive as my personal feat of not knocking over the bowl of popcorn while reaching for the TV remote. Lets say that your New Years resolution was to run a marathon (or at least get up off the popcorn strewn couch) and you joined a gym and now, less than two months into the new year the only thing getting thinner is your wallet. You want to know if their website you have visit our website the legal right to cancel the membership? The answer probably WAS yes, but url by now, the answer is no. Thats because in most states, you have the right to rescind a health club membership, but only for three days. After that, youre stuck to what you agreed when you signed the contract. Some gyms give you a 60 day out clause, others require you to pay for a year.
Source: http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2014/01/30/understanding-the-contract-for-your-gym-membership/

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